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Interactive patient-education tools promoting patient and physician communication.


Digital Exam-Room Posters

High-impact tactic reaching target patients

Health Monitor’s digital exam-room posters are unique patient-education tools designed to facilitate an effective and engaging dialogue between patients and healthcare professionals. Units are permanently installed in exam rooms and passively rotate content, creating a dominant presence for brands at the critical moment of care.

Program features:

  • 21.5″ digital poster rotates content every 25 seconds, guaranteeing ad exposure on average every 7.5 minutes.
  • Unit with proprietary Health Monitor software playing content from an external flashcard and is not connected to internet
  • High-quality independent content created by Health Monitor and reviewed by leading KOLs
  • Opportunity to include links to videos, additional text,
    co-pay cards and other offers
  • Ad executions meeting FDA and med legal print and digital requirements
  • Health Monitor to commission a third-party ROI study to measure impact of program
digital exam room poster

Arthritis TV

Reach Patients in the Waiting Room

Arthritis Health Monitor TV, from the publishers of Arthritis Health Monitor, is a targeted advertising program for rheumatology waiting rooms designed to promote patient/physician dialogue and stimulate conversation about treatment options and condition awareness. Patient programming includes content from the pages of Arthritis Health Monitor magazine, original patient and physician video content, as well as animated patient education.

Exclusive Program Features

  • Three-hour content loop
  • Programming includes a mix of rheumatology-specific content interspersed with general health and lifestyle segments
  • High-quality, award-winning, unbiased patient-education programming reviewed by leading medical experts and associations
  • Exclusive endorsement and distribution by the CSRO (Coalition of State Rheumatology Organizations)

Commercial/Creative Unit
Ability to run two minutes or more of commercial time per hour. Creative may include 30-, 60-, or 120-second spots or any combination thereof.

Category exclusivity in the following categories:

Chronic pain
Joint replacement

For more information on Arthritis Health Monitor TV, please contact us.

at home

Mobile Apps

Health Monitor Network Mobile Apps are iPhone/iPad/iPod and/or Android tools designed and customized to a specific disease state or medical condition, providing exciting opportunities for your brand.

The benefits of Health Monitor Mobile Apps include:

  • Maximum exposure to highly targeted and motivated patients
  • Turnkey implementation
  • Ability to segment based on multiple demographics
  • Support for patient adherence and compliance
  • New customer acquisition and retention of existing customers

Plus, Health Monitor Mobile Apps undergo a rigorous review and approval process by top medical associations and KOLs.

Check out our apps for yourself:
Migraine Monitor
Chemo Calendar
ITP Tracker

To learn how we can integrate mobile marketing into your plan, please contact us.



General & Condition-Specific Websites and our Guide2 sites attract highly targeted
patients online providing our knowledge-seeking readers with health information and valuable tools and resources.

Each website is integrated with our in-office programs to further educate and motivate patients beyond the exam room. Sites also include tools that encourage patients to talk to their healthcare professional about their conditions. Health Monitor Network Web properties are ideal vehicles for your brand to tap patients online in a highly targeted way.

Condition-specific website benefits include:

  • Highly targeted and responsive audience
  • Category exclusivity
  • Turnkey

View our sites:

If you would like more information on our websites and available opportunities, please contact us.

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