Health Monitor Network
Facilitating dialogue between patients and their healthcare providers for over 34 years

Health Monitor Network
Educating patients and healthcare professionals on dozens of health conditions
and treatment options, while facilitating patient-provider dialogue.


Condition-Specific Guides

Achieve a dominant presence in physician waiting rooms and exam rooms

Health Monitor Network creates patient-education guides that provide a comprehensive overview of a specific health condition and treatment options. Each edition offers companies a valuable opportunity to bring a brand’s message to highly qualified condition sufferers.

Benefits of our condition-specific guides:

  • ROI averaging 10-to-1 as verified by third-party research companies
  • Ability to reach 95% of a brand’s key physician office targets
  • Category exclusivity
  • Nationally known KOLs
  • Opportunity to co-brand with association partners
  • Engaging, authoritative, informative and high-quality patient education

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print magazines


Distributed in 200,000 healthcare offices around the country, Health Monitor Network magazines are designed to facilitate dialogue between patients and their healthcare professionals, offering our advertisers:

  • Mass reach
  • Ability to target condition sufferers and specialty offices

Our magazines include:

Diabetes Health Monitor
Pediatrics Health Monitor
Eye Care Health Monitor Heart Care Health Monitor

Arthritis Health Monitor
Living with Cancer Health Monitor
Dermatology Health Monitor
Digestion & Diet Health Monitor

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Exam-Room Posters

Keep your message top-of-mind at the moment of care

Health Monitor Network’s exam-room posters give your brand an exclusive opportunity to own valuable real estate at the point of care. Our exam-room posters are designed to facilitate dialogue between patients and their healthcare professionals. Studies conducted by a third party show that most healthcare professionals who receive our posters use them as a communication aid with their patients.

Exam-room poster key features include:

  • Category exclusivity
  • Pocket to distribute patient-education guide with branded advertisement
  • Large four-color format design

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print posters


Healthcare Professionals

Medical Updates

Heath Monitor Medical Updates are a unique way to tap into our vast physician network and strengthen relationships with physicians by allowing you to target key PCPs, specialists, NPs and PAs with condition-specific information. Medical Updates contain vital treatment and diagnosis information, including signs and symptoms to look for, patient communication strategies, the latest medical news, clinical research findings and more.

Medical Updates can include your branded or unbranded messaging and are mailed directly to healthcare professionals, along with a letter from the publisher, an exam-room dialogue tool and an office manager checklist.

Program benefits:

  • Leverage Health Monitor’s physician database to reach the right audience for professional education
  • Trusted, third-party content that has been reviewed and approved by the nation’s leading KOLs, medical experts and associations
  • Presented in a practical, easy-to-read format
  • Can include your branded or unbranded ad
  • Category exclusivity
  • PhRMA-compliant
  • Promotional branded materials can be added
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medical update

At home

Targeted Mailing

Drive sales and increase compliance and adherence

Health Monitor Network targeted-mail programs reach the households of more than two million disease and condition sufferers.

Key benefits of targeted-mailing program:

  • Pinpoint targeting—select households based on condition, gender, geography and many other variables.
    For example:
    – We can reach women 45+, overweight, with high cholesterol and RA
    – We can reach patients with type 2 diabetes living in the
       southeastern U.S. who have been prescribed insulin
  • Customization—choose to distribute co-pay cards, coupons,
    CRM pieces and/or branded brochures
  • Implied endorsement—“compliments of healthcare professional”
    creates level of trust for trial and usage
  • All-inclusive and turnkey

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