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For over 38 years, Health Monitor has been supporting healthcare professionals by delivering high-quality education at the point-of-care. Our studies show our Digital Exam-Room Posters and Patient Guides increase patient satisfaction and lower perceived patients waiting time and create an enhanced patient experience.


We believe a well-informed patient can lead to improved health outcomes. By creating the most compelling educational content and delivering it in the formats that most engage patients, our solutions offer a proven track record for driving compliance and a more invested approach to therapy. 

Experts in communicating
brand messages

Leveraging a unique understanding of the patient journey, we offer a full spectrum of print and digital options for educating patients about specific disease states and therapies.  The flexibility of format enables greater scale, targeting, impact and efficiency.

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Bespoke content that is validated by experts

We have taken the lead in forging important partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders and associations. Our team of therapeutic experts ensures you have trusted content of the highest quality.

Reach the patients where they are

We take advantage of all the opportunities to educate patients along the healthcare journey, whether at the point-of-care, at home, or on the go. Patients can engage through a wide array of print and digital formats that reinforce key therapeutic messages and equip them with the information they need to understand their disease state or condition.