Written by John Angelini, Senior Vice President, Creative Director

The art of engaging patients through…

…connecting on an emotional level: when dealing with serious health conditions, optimism and hope are important to a patient’s favorable outcome. At Health Monitor we visually depict genuine hope through personal stories combined with inspirational imagery of our patients. They selflessly share their stories and images as a way of giving back to others dealing with similar issues. The result—teller and audience both gain from the experience.


…sharing practical ideas. Simple practical ideas that help in small but important ways. Not unlike sharing recipes, or gardening ideas amongst friends. Health Monitor presents visually friendly content via print and digital media helping patients learn, hope and take their conditions in stride. HCP appointments and treatment options are presented as empowering rather than intimidating—doctors and patients collaborate through a more educated dialogue, improving communications and outcomes.


…inspiration, motivation and commitment All of us at Health Monitor are dedicated to our mission of engaging, empowering and motivating patients. There is nothing more validating than the knowledge that we see so many “I can do this” expressions of hope and success throughout our inspiring stories.   Building Brands by Empowering Patients—#HealthMonitorDiffference