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Updated: Nov 19, 2019

The National Assessment of Adult Literacy reports that 9 in 10 Americans lack the skills needed to obtain, process and understand basic health information; adopt healthy habits; and make appropriate health decisions. Furthermore, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states, the consequences of health illiteracy can include failure to seek preventive care, not receiving timely treatment, higher rate of hospitalization/emergency services and poorer treatment outcomes. In short, proper patient education and effective patient engagement are critical to the successful administration of healthcare.

As a trusted fixture in medical offices for more than 35 years and a proud member of the Point of Care Communications Council, Health Monitor Network® (HM) has been committed to improving clinical outcomes, fostering adherence, enhancing patient-provider dialogue and promoting health literacy via a robust stable of award-winning, medically reviewed patient-education print, digital and mobile products. Our highly respected content, which reaches tens of millions of individuals through a network of 200,000+ medical offices and 400,000+ HCPs nationwide, continues to represent the gold standard in the ever-evolving point-of-care space.

HM follows a prescriptive process in the development and delivery of content that is most desirable to the person living with a particular condition and genuinely supportive of the HCP. Our content features accessible language, pictures and diagrams, hopeful imagery, inspirational real-life stories and interactive tools and worksheets. HM’s content is designed to help the individual better manage their health, prioritize their needs and be better receptive to HCP engagement.

We strive to be an extension of the service and support HCPs deliver to patients. It remains clear that quality patient education improves engagement, drives better outcomes and inspires more collaborative healthcare. Health Monitor Network® is the preferred choice for effective patient engagement.

Rodnell Workman is the Chief Marketing Officer at Health Monitor Network.

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