Taylor Wexler

Director – Alliances & Partnerships

At Health Monitor, we’re passionate: Passionate about educating and empowering patients. About fostering meaningful patient–provider dialogue. About giving patients a sense of control and hope at every stage of their health journey. And behind that passion is a key factor: credibility. It’s what makes our content trusted—and a go-to resource for patients and providers alike.


An important way we’ve been ensuring that credibility for more than 20 years is via robust partnerships with some of the most highly regarded medical associations, patient advocacy groups and caregivers’ associations in the U.S. Names you know, like the American Cancer Society and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology. 


Through their review, validation and support of our content, our partners...

  • Reinforce our objectivity and integrity

  • Ensure our language and message are relevant and authentic

  • Elicit valuable feedback from key opinion leaders

  • Enhance our products’ visibility

  • Provide incremental/target distribution opportunities


We’re proud of our longstanding partnerships and what they stand for. And we welcome new partners, too. To learn more about how we can collaborate, email us at partnerships@healthmonitor.com