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What makes Health Monitor special is that this is a company with purpose.


First, our purpose is our dedication to making the patient-physician dialogue better. Better communication. Better alignment to treatment plans. Better adherence. Better outcomes. But it all starts with our role in ensuring that we bring HCP education content on a regular basis that clinicians ask for and share with their colleagues. It starts with our patient education content that we deliver across our proprietary digital and print media. 


Second, our purpose is aligned with the brands we help support. We believe that better health outcomes come from informed patients, clinicians armed with the latest medical updates, and the powerful life-saving medicines that our brand clients manufacture. 


And finally, our purpose is aligned with our people. The many men and women of Health Monitor working across every function in our company—calling on physician offices, creating bespoke content in our in-house editorial and content studio, creating impactful visual images and video tools for patients, partnering with our industry clients at pharmaceutical companies and healthcare agencies, and our deep technology and infrastructure team. Everyone. Every day. Dedicated to our mission to make patient-physician dialogue better. 


That’s what makes me proud to say I am part of the #HealthMonitorDifference.   


David M Paragamian

Chief Executive Officer

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Voted “Best Place to Work®”
2019 and 2020

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Transparency   •   Initiative   •  Teamwork