Digital Products

Interactive patient education tools promoting patient and physician communication.

Digital Exam-Room Posters

High-impact tactic reaching key patients


Health Monitor’s digital exam-room posters are unique patient education tools designed to facilitate an effective and engaging dialogue between patients and healthcare professionals. Units are permanently installed in exam- rooms and passively rotate content, creating a dominant presence for brands at the critical Moment of Care   .


Program features:

  • 21.5″ digital poster rotates content every 25 seconds, guaranteeing ad exposure on average every 7.5 minutes.

  • The Wi-Fi or non Wi-Fi enabled unit features proprietary Health Monitor software that plays our content

  • High-quality independent content created by Health Monitor Network and reviewed by leading KOLs

  • Opportunity to include links to videos, additional text, co-pay cards and other offers

  • Ad executions meeting FDA and med legal print and digital requirements

  • Health Monitor Network to commission a third-party ROI study to measure impact of program

For more information on digital exam-room posters, email or call 800-422-4112.


Reach Patients in the Waiting Room

Rheumatology TV is a targeted advertising program for rheumatology office waiting rooms designed to facilitate patient/physician dialogue, raise condition awareness and stimulate conversation about treatment options. Programming includes content from our editors, original video content, as well as animated patient education.


Exclusive Program Features

  • One-hour content loop

  • HIPAA-compliant

  • Unlimited customization of physician office messaging

  • Mix of rheumatology-specific content combined with general health and lifestyle segments

  • High-quality, award-winning, unbiased patient-education programming reviewed by leading medical experts and associations

Commercial/Creative Unit

Ability to run two minutes or more of commercial time per hour. Creative may include 30-, 60-, or 120-second spots or any combination thereof.

For more information on Rheumatology TV, email or call 800-422-4112.

Mobile Apps

Health Monitor Network Mobile Apps are iPhone/iPad/iPod and/or Android tools designed and customized to a specific disease state or medical condition, providing exciting opportunities for your brand.


The benefits of Health Monitor Mobile Apps include:

  • Maximum exposure to highly targeted and motivated patients

  • Turnkey implementation

  • Ability to segment based on multiple demographics

  • Support for patient adherence and compliance

  • New customer acquisition and retention of existing customers


Plus, Health Monitor Mobile Apps undergo a rigorous review and approval process by top medical associations and KOLs.


Check out our apps for yourself:

Migraine Monitor
RA Monitor
ITP Monitor


To learn how we can integrate mobile marketing into your plan,
email or call 800-422-4112.

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