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At Health Monitor, we believe there are a number of ways to describe ourselves: we are a targeted marketing platform; we are patient and healthcare professional educators; we are a team of high-integrity professionals; we are in the healthcare communications business.


But, perhaps most accurately, we are pioneers.  Let me explain.


Health Monitor helped create the point of care media category almost four decades ago, with some of the first exam room posters and patient guides.


Health Monitor was a founding member and supporter of the Point of Care Marketing Association, the industry association that helps ensure the standard of measurement and validation for advertisers in this space.


Health Monitor was the first company to place digital screens in exam rooms, to help facilitate patient physician dialogue at the very moment of care.


Today, we continue to innovate and lead.


In just the past year, we launched three new products – all digital – to help deliver valuable patient education and brand messages in new formats like mobile/social.


In just the past year, we launched new measurement techniques to enable brand advertisers to get faster performance metrics on their campaigns.


In just the past year, we expanded our customer engagement team to enable significant expansion of our proprietary and industry-leading HCP office footprint.


In short, among all the words that fit – we will gladly take PIONEER.


And, from where I sit, the future for this category and our company never looked better.


David M Paragamian, 

Chief Executive Officer