Business Transformation Leader Reveals His Approach to Adapting to a Changing World in New Book, “Coming About”

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Health Monitor Network CEO David Paragamian shares his story — and his advice for how leaders can enact lasting change

Coming About


Seasoned transformation leader David Paragamian, CEO of Health Monitor Network, is revealing his approach to turning around businesses in his new book, Coming About: How We Transformed a Major Media Company and the Lessons There for You. As unexpected headwinds disrupt one industry after another, David’s story gives executives the tools they need to modernize and drive deep and lasting change.

In Coming About, Paragamian shares his story of overcoming obstacles and embracing “the gift of the pivot.” His candid account of transforming his life following the deaths of his wife and parents sets the stage for his narrative of revitalizing several organizations including Razorfish Health and Health Monitor Network (HM).

Why it Matters:

Coming About pairs relatable stories about how our rapidly-changing world can disrupt the trajectory of any business — or any individual — with Paragamian’s advice on how to recover with humor and grace. His simple framework for sustainable change gives every leader the tools they need to transform their organization. He calls it “the three Cs”: culture, communication, and competitive advantage.

  • Culture: Culture sets the stage for all action. He shares his tactics for fixing culture, from implementing an on-the-spot bonus program to painting over parking spots previously reserved for executives.
  • Communication: Paragamian says that transformation requires transparency and a north star. At HM, for example, he sent a monthly video update that was honest about the good and the bad to build trust.
  • Competitive Advantage: There is no competitive advantage without a customer-centric focus that verges on obsession. He shares his approach to listening to and learning from customers to deliver an “irresistibly superior product.”


David Paragamian is a husband, father, and serial change agent ― a self-identified “storyteller-in-chief.” Over his 30+ year career, he’s worked for Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Roche Pharmaceuticals, and Razorfish Health, among others. As CEO of HM, he guided the company through the COVID-19 pandemic, helping it pivot from a legacy print media company to a modern, digital marketing platform.

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Dave Paragamian

David Paragamian


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