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For almost 40 years, Health Monitor has been supporting healthcare professionals by delivering high-quality education at every point of care. We believe a well-informed patient can lead to improved health outcomes. By creating the most compelling educational content and delivering it in the formats that most engage patients, our solutions offer a proven track record for driving compliance and a more invested approach to therapy.

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Our motivational and educational content prompts collaborative discussion with your patients, encouraging them to be more engaged in their treatment plan.

Our Digital Exam-Room Screens reduce stress and lower patients’ perceived waiting times, so they are more satisfied with their visit. They also function as an interactive teaching tool to support patients in adhering to their treatment.

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Dr Pessah-Pollak

The content on Health Monitor is excellent, accurate, up-to-date and relevant to my patients. It is a great all-around resource! 

Rachel Pessah-Pollack, MD, FACE Endocrinology, NYU Langone Health
Marc Lebwohl

The reason I keep working with Health Monitor is because what they do helps patients. I get compliments from my colleagues and patients about the high quality content and tremendous amount of credibility they provide. 

Mark G. Lebwohl, MD, Dermatology, Mount Sinai
Mary Jane Minkin

Health Monitor provides high quality education to patients. Their information is never biased, scientifically accurate, and very readable to their audience. They also provide in office education which is an excellent antidote to much of the “information” that our patients get from “Dr. Google®”.

Mary Jane Minkin, MD, FACOG Women’s Health Yale University School of Medicine