We are the most trusted content company at the Point of Care. We provide an integrated portfolio of marketing solutions to drive deep engagement for both direct to patient experiences (DTP) and for direct to health care professional engagement (HCP).



We offer the broadest reach in the industry, delivering over 250,000 medical offices with a full spectrum of digital and print solutions to achieve greater scale, targeting, impact and efficiency.



Authentic content that is compelling, bespoke, and credible which captures interest, educates, and empowers patients to act. It is always validated through our Medical Advisory Board and KOL relationships. 



Guaranteed ROI, with in-flight measurement for campaign optimization, and POCMA certified programs. 

Award winning studio

We develop custom content that drives action.

Our in-house, award-winning studio and editorial team are committed to creating content that educates, empowers, and inspires. We use real patient features that resonate with readers and are designed to foster deeper connections with HCPs. 

We offer the broadest reach where it matters most.

Health Monitor has the largest proprietary physician office network in the industry. With more than 250,000+ offices and 450,000+ healthcare professionals engaging with our educational platform, our brand has been trusted to deliver content at every point of care. We offer powerful marketing solutions with scale and flexibility to effectively drive brand growth. 


We Deliver Proven Results

Program solutions typically generate an average of 15:1 ROI.

Health Monitor research:

  • Third Party ROI Research, Ad Awareness and Impact Surveys Available
  • ROI Research Guarantees for Integrated Campaigns
  • Developed Industry’s First ROI “Early Read” Methodology for Campaigns

Content Opportunities

We provide premium content covering all major specialties  

  • Allergy


  • Gastroenterology


  • Pulmonology


  • Cardiology


  • Neurology


  • Rheumatology


  • Dermatology


  • Oncology


  • Urology


  • Endocrinology


  • Primary Care

    Primary Care

  • Women's Health

    Women’s Health

Patient Experience Solutions

Digital Exam-Room Screens

Interactive 3D diagrams right at the point of care helping to foster physician to patient engagement

  • Raise awareness for specific conditions  
  • Provide a deeper dive into condition basics and treatment options 
  • Timely content refreshes via Wi-Fi-enabled network

Health Monitor Living® Patient Guides

A curated mix of healthcare content with an emphasis on real patients to help educate, inspire, and encourage better health outcomes.

  • Condition-specific, KOL reviewed and arms patient with lifestyle modifications
  • Brand ad positioned within relevant content for maximum impact and awareness
  • QR code enables flexible viewing options

Health Monitor Living® Digital Patient Guides

Real patient insights and interactive content distributed directly to patients via email

  • High-quality medically reviewed articles and videos
  • Interactive quizzes and surveys
  • Sponsorship with standard IAB units

People Based Marketing Solutions

Targeted, condition-related content with relevant treatment options and suggestions intended to promote health equity among specific groups. (HIPAA compliant, consented & verified, geo targeted to qualified offices)

  • Reach highly responsive condition sufferers
  • Proprietary targeting through Zip+4 software, reaching specified radius of “List Matched Offices”
  • Educate specific patients about indication and treatment options with healthcare content consciously reviewed and written just for them
Kevin patient image

I agreed to work with Health Monitor to encourage other patients with my story that through healthy living, exercise, and better choices they too could beat diabetes. 

Kevin Edwards, Patient
Julia patient image

I felt truly honored to be asked to be a part of Health Monitor’s publication and to feature my story. I’m just a normal person like you who has achieved what I have achieved with the help my doctor. I hope it can help others. 

Julia Perry, Patient
Shaylyn image

I am so happy that I am able to work with Health Monitor and have the chance to share my story about my eczema to help other patients thrive.

Shaylyn Jensen, Patient
Shemeka Patient image

It’s amazing to be on the cover of Health Monitor Living! I never would have thought my story, my testimony would inspire someone to be comfortable and confident in owning their illness and not letting it stop them. 

Shemeka Campbell, Patient

OTC/Consumer Health & Wellness Brands

Learn more about how we can help you drive success for your OTC/Consumer brand through our proven platform.

Health Care Provider Solutions

Omnichannel HCP Engagement

A Clinician Update content ecosystem that serves as a resource for the Health Care Professional and leads to a rise in treatment and better health outcomes.

  • HCP professional social targeting to drive traffic
  • Improved patient engagement leading to rise in Rx treatment
  • Continuous measurement
Omnichannel HCP Engagement
Clinical Update guide

Health Monitor Clinician Update™

An educational tool that prepares HCPs to engage their patients more effectively by sharing the latest treatment indications, clinical research, case studies and practice pearls to facilitate a productive conversation while reinforcing and deepening the brand relationship.

  • 100% condition specific content which educates the physician on the latest disease area and treatments
  • Mailed directly to target list matched HCPs
  • Opportunity to include branded marketing materials/incentive cards

Digital Clinician Update

High quality, medically reviewed articles, videos featuring HCPs.

  • Interactive quizzes and surveys
  • Videos featuring healthcare providers
  • Delivered via email and social with links to branded websites
Digital Clinician Update
KOL On-Demand Videos

KOL On-Demand Videos

Key Opinion Leader videos expand on the case studies they present in the Clinician Update, providing practical takeaways for clinicians.

  • Activated from QR code on the Clinician Update Cover and Case Study itself
  • Provides behind-the-scenes case details
  • Inspiration from peers in condition specialties
Dr Pessah-Pollak

The content on Health Monitor is excellent, accurate, up-to-date and relevant to my patients. It is a great all-around resource! 

Rachel Pessah-Pollack, MD, FACE Endocrinology, NYU Langone Health
Marc Lebwohl

The reason I keep working with Health Monitor is because what they do helps patients. I get compliments from my colleagues and patients about the high quality content and tremendous amount of credibility they provide. 

Mark G. Lebwohl, MD, Dermatology, Mount Sinai
Mary Jane Minkin

Health Monitor provides high quality education to patients. Their information is never biased, scientifically accurate, and very readable to their audience. They also provide in office education which is an excellent antidote to much of the “information” that our patients get from “Dr. Google®”.

Mary Jane Minkin, MD, FACOG Women’s Health Yale University School of Medicine
Julius Wilder

Health Monitor is a valuable source of trusted information for patients. The information is accurate, understandable for the average person, and the stories and patient testimonials reflect the true experiences of patients living with chronic disease. 

Julius M. Wilder, MD, PhD, Gastroenterology Duke Department of Medicine
Mark bio image

As an oncologist advisor to HM, their publications offer extraordinarily important, useful and actionable information for patients with a diagnosis like Cancer. HM provides a central place where you can simply get a series of important questions to ask your doc. Real patients and actionable advise. 

Marc Garnick, MD, Harvard Medical School