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In today’s fast-paced world, where distractions are many and consumer attention spans are shorter than ever, getting your brand noticed is no easy feat. This is particularly true for over-the-counter (OTC) and consumer health & wellness brands. However, your brand can captivate audiences at a critical moment.

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Engagement at the Right Time

As a pioneer in targeted HCP Marketing, we provide brands an omnichannel wellness platform with a reach of 200k+ HCP Network, 450K+ HCP Offices, 10M + DTC.

By leveraging the power of HCP recommendations brands can enhance their trust, increase their brand awareness and grow their market share. So, if you’re looking for a fresh and effective way to connect with patients and healthcare providers, look no further.

Our Reach

Why Healthcare Providers Drive OTC Brand Success

Highlights from the survey for Consumer Health Products assoc. (CHPA)

  • Nearly three-fourths of PCPs recommend OTC medicines to relieve symptoms before recommending a prescription treatment.
  • 84% of consumers say they trust their healthcare provider’s advice on what OTC medicine they should take or give to others.
  • 73% of consumers are likely to purchase a brand their doctor recommended within one week.  Source: Booz Allen did a study for the CHPA entitled , “The Value of OTC Medicine to the United States,” (2011) Source: Jacobs LR . Prescription to over-the-counter drug reclassification. AmFam Physician. 1998;57:2209-14 Source: HBW Insight Sept 2022 
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Healthcare Providers

  • Clinician Update & Digital Clinician Update with Patient Starter Kit
  • HCP Social

Direct to Patient/Consumer

  • Consumer Starter Kit w/ education & samples
  • Digital Exam-Room Screen
  • Targeted Reach to Consumers

Trusted Content You Can Rely On

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“There is a tremendous opportunity for OTC brands to build trusted relationships with patients and their healthcare providers through content and Health Monitor Network is poised to facilitate these relationships.”

-Kelli Rodriguez

SVP OTC/Consumer Wellness Channel