Health Monitor Network® Launches New Innovative Digital Screens, Furthering the Company’s Continued Digital Growth

New HCPTv™ Digital Screens expand Health Monitor Network's HCP Omnichannel Platform

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MONTVALE, N.J., Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pioneering healthcare communications company Health Monitor Network today announced the availability of informational and educational content specifically created for healthcare professionals (HCPs) with its new Health Monitor HCPTv™ Digital Screens for medical back offices.

The new product expands and compliments Health Monitor Network’s fast-growing HCP Omnichannel Platform which is grounded in an omnichannel medical education content ecosystem that serves as a resource for the HCP, features social targeting to drive traffic and leads to improved patient engagement and a rise in treatment and better health outcomes.

“Our goal is to surround all points-of-care as they continue evolving from both the HCP and the patient perspective,” shared David Paragamian, CEO at Health Monitor Network. “If there are important conversations being had and decisions being made between healthcare professionals and patients, we will be there supporting and furthering positive health outcomes.”

Earlier this year, the company conducted surveys with its HCP network to identify areas of interest for its new HCPTv™ Digital Screen innovation. Proprietary research found that this new product will be an essential tool for HCPs who want to stay up to date with the latest medical advancements, new treatments for patients and general interest topics and news in an informative, engaging, and easy to understand format right in their medical practice back offices. Health Monitor HCPTv™ will also provide HCPs the opportunity to create custom content specifically for their practice, creating more effective and informative practice management.

“The beauty of being a digital-first company is that we can go broad or niche as needed,” added Paragamian. “Most HCPs – just like most people – will want to know about general interest topics but others will really want to dig into the latest announcements about new therapy treatments and studies. Health Monitor Network can make that happen and give brands the opportunity to raise awareness and develop critical HCP-patient relationships along the way.”

Health Monitor Network’s HCPTv™ Digital Screens will be available across 200,000 offices reaching more than 450,000 HCPs. For more information, please visit

About Health Monitor Network®
Health Monitor is a targeted healthcare marketing platform for the pharmaceutical/OTC and CPG industries. Our in-house, award-winning content studio creates bespoke educational content about disease states and specific therapies that powers more productive patient-physician dialogues. Health Monitor has the largest proprietary physician office network in the industry, with over 200,000 offices and more than 450,000 healthcare professionals engaging with our omnichannel educational products. For 40 years, our brand has been at the forefront of healthcare marketing and trusted to deliver high-value content at all points of care for patients and physicians providing powerful ROI to brands and better outcomes for patients. Together we build brands and empower patients.
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