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The Need for Speed in POC Marketing

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In the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, having access to real-time information about how a campaign is performing can be critical. Shifting target demographics, updated creative materials and countless other issues can trigger the need to quickly change course. In general, marketing campaigns need to be able to be altered or updated while active to ensure they provide maximum impact, and this is particularly true when it comes to the pharmaceutical Point of Care (POC) space. Despite that, campaign performance in this arena has traditionally been measured after the fact, when it’s too late to hone or pivot in-market messaging. However, Health Monitor has revolutionized this by introducing our cutting-edge Health Monitor In-flight Campaign Measurement™ methodology. Discover how you can achieve faster campaign results with us!

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Better Campaigns: Changing the Landscape

While receiving program performance KPIs is always welcomed, at Health Monitor Network we wanted the ability to “look in” on a POC program while it was being executed and analyze its performance using objective third-party claims data metrics. In pursuit of that goal, we worked with agencies, clients and claims data partners to develop and roll-out an “In-Flight Measurement” program that provided data at the completion of the third month of campaigns, and then again at their expirations (usually 6, 9, or 12 months total). Click HERE to download the full whitepaper.

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“Marketing Campaigns need to be able to be altered or updated while active to ensure they provide maximum impact”

Dr. Steven Blahut PhD

VP, Research and Analytics

Health Monitor Network