Advancing Healthcare: Uniting Health Equity and Literacy for Optimal Health Outcomes

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We are thrilled to share the first findings and activities from a first-of-its-kind Health Equity Patient Education Study funded by Health Monitor and led by Dr. Julius Wilder, MD, PhD, from Duke School of Medicine. This three-year longitudinal study aims to address health disparities by exploring how diverse populations respond to patient education through various channels like digital, social, print and audio with the goal of identifying the most effective methods and communication infrastructures for reaching underserved communities with vital health information.

Our CEO, Dave Paragamian, recently sat down with Dr. Wilder, a distinguished gastroenterologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University, for a thought-provoking conversation that focuses on the critical topics of health equity and health literacy within underserved communities. Dr. Wilder, Chair, Duke Dept. of Medicine, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-racism Committee, highlighted the importance of providing accurate health information and promoting community engagement to improve health outcomes.

During their discussion, Dr. Wilder emphasized the role of social media influencers in spreading health knowledge and the significance of collaborating with community leaders to address health disparities effectively. “Individuals such as those on social media, are not necessarily physicians or providers, they are people that have a tremendous voice, and they have a number of individuals who are engaged and listening to what they say. What we are looking at is how we can partner and engage these individuals to provide more accurate health information and ways to grow an interest in appropriate health literacy and very accurate health information in different areas in terms of health outcomes,” explains Dr. Wilder.

Dr. Wilder also shed light on ongoing initiatives aimed at enhancing health equity, such as establishing a central hub in Durham to address specific health needs in diverse communities. Additionally, he discussed the importance of partnering with community stakeholders to increase participation in clinical trials, ultimately advancing medical research and treatments for all.

Advancing Healthcare

Their conversation further explores the vital role of healthcare professionals in delivering precise information through various channels. By ensuring accuracy and accessibility to credible patient education,  professionals in this field play a crucial role.

In conclusion, the discussion between our CEO and Dr. Wilder serves as a reminder of the importance of health equity and literacy, particularly within underserved communities. By fostering community engagement, leveraging social media influencers and collaborating with community leaders, we can work toward bridging health disparities and improving health outcomes for all. As we continue to prioritize accurate health information and effective communication strategies, we can make significant strides in promoting overall well-being and healthcare accessibility for everyone.

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