Health Monitor Network: Omnichannel Solutions for Impactful Healthcare Marketing

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Leader - Keith B_W

“Our business’s success comes from our ability to leverage technology platforms that meet audiences’ expectations of embracing digital methods for content consumption.”

Keith Sedlak, Executive Vice President & Chief Growth Officer, Health Monitor Network

As an industry highly dependent on sales reps meeting doctors, the pharma space was forced to bring radical marketing changes during and in the wake of COVID-19. Going digital is no longer simply a choice for pharma marketers; it is the only way to achieve their goals.

This is where Health Monitor Network takes center stage, with its superior marketing solutions that help pharma companies tackle the challenges hindering impactful point-of-care (POC) marketing. A pioneer in healthcare marketing for nearly 40 years, Health Monitor produces educational content for patients and healthcare professionals (HCP), helping pharma brands boost the exposure of their messaging or advertisements and creating better health outcomes.

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The team at Health Monitor follows a core tenet; when an HCP better understands their patient, they can treat them better. Conversely, when patients know what to ask their doctor or are informed about their disease state, they can help facilitate better outcomes.

 Health Monitor creates content through its HCP-driven products to educate HCPs on new treatment options and care approaches, enabling them to better manage their practices across various demographic groups. For patients, it offers guides that serve as teaching tools in the waiting area or Wi-Fi-enabled patient exam room screens. Content is reviewed periodically to ensure HCPs and patients stay abreast of the latest care delivery strategies and treatment methodologies.

“Our business’s success comes from our ability to leverage technology platforms that meet audiences’ expectations of embracing digital methods for content consumption,” says Keith Sedlak, executive vice president, and chief growth officer of Health Monitor Network.

It directs HCPs to its digital environment, Clinician Update, via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Utilizing these competencies, Health Monitor is setting the bar for digital engagement through omnichannel strategies. Its digital screens can rotate educational and inspirational content or advertisements, with client messaging for maximum impact within the exam room of physician offices. It has also developed products that can be shared with patients and medical professionals at home through email, social media, and direct mail. Emerging digital avenues include health educational content shared via podcasts and other audio vehicles.

Health Monitor creates more digital engagement in the current smart phone-driven era through snippets of content for consumption in different ways, like email and QR codes in magazines or placements on the medical practice digital exam room screens. Establishing relationships with some of the top minds in dermatology, neurology, and oncology, Health Monitor produces key opinion leader (KOL) on-demand videos with case studies showcasing the success of treatment approaches.

 ‘Healthcare should not always be provided in the same manner; it should be tailored to fit patient demographics.’ This core pillar plays a pivotal role in Health Monitor’s success, allowing it to maintain health equity and ensure everyone receives the same level of treatment. It has mapped its whole network to promote health equity. It has one of the industry’s largest point-of-care networks in North America, with 200,000 office locations and over 400,000 HCPs. Through this vast footprint and ability to map client office locations across the U.S. Census Bureau, it can determine a location’s ethnic dominance and produce pertinent and individualized content. For example, a specialized guide or messaging based on the increased risk of heart disease in the African American or Hispanic population can be created and delivered to a specific area, enabling pharma brands to reach the right demographic with the right message.

Health Monitor follows a step-by-step methodology to create condition-specific patient guides and content based on a client’s advertising asset, whether product launches or a clinical trial’s success story. Health Monitor disperses the guidelines or activates the advertisement on the digital exam room screen in top prescribing offices, effortlessly exposing patients to the brands while doctors learn about the available treatment choices.

After these products are made available, Health Monitor uses a third-party analytics partner, IQVIA, to assess the campaign’s effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) every six months. IQVIA also evaluates new prescriptions and allows clients to quantify the impact of their guide and messaging using claims data. The ROI for its campaigns is consistently positive, with an average of fifteen to one, with the bulk of its products having specific ROI guarantees. If the target audience uses the patient guides and screens Health Monitor analyses the client’s investment to estimate the script’s lifetime value, and guarantees a three-to-one, four-toone, or five-to-one return, enhancing their confidence in its platform.

Health Monitor stands out due to its high-quality content, always emphasizing the development of authentic and unique information without aggregating or licensing content from other sources. Quality of content, scalability, and proven performance are the key aspects that give Health Monitor a competitive edge. The editorial staff, KOLs, and doctors on its advisory board have partnerships with numerous associations that validate its eminence.

 Health Monitor continually pushes the envelope when it comes to innovations, health equity, and developing fresh approaches to tackling challenges or communicating with audiences. Its holistic patient engagement methodology is further strengthened by the recent launch of digital versions of its patient condition guides and their HCP-focused Clinician Update. From EMR platforms that allow doctors to seamlessly monitor and manage patient health to exam room screens with higher accessibility and engagement features, the future of POC marketing is promising. Through digital engagement strategies, Health Monitor has emerged as a pioneer in developing cutting-edge healthcare marketing products, setting a standard through world-class omnichannel content solutions that inform, educate, and improve health outcomes.

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