In-Flight Measurement

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Marketers and marketing campaigns in the bio-pharmaceutical space enjoy a real advantage when it comes to measuring the impact and effectiveness of their efforts – prescriptions can be tracked and linked to the healthcare provider that wrote them. This type of granularity in measurement is a real luxury compared to marketing in other industries such as consumer package goods. These relatively recent advances in the bio-pharmaceutical space can be attributed to the proliferation of data, in particular medical claims data.

When it comes to point of care marketing in the bio-pharmaceutical industry, leveraging claims data to estimate return on investment (ROI) has become the industry standard for many if not most programs. A reoccurring concern that we at Health Monitor Network have heard voiced by many of our clients is that – “ROI is calculated and presented months AFTER the campaign has been executed and concluded.” The timing of these insights is often unfortunate as client teams desire results sooner to influence decisions on things like program renewals, creative and content enhancements, and budgets. 

In response to this need, we have partnered with the bio-pharmaceutical industry’s largest and most trusted data and analytics partner to create Health Monitor Network’s In-flight campaign measurement. With this approach, campaign performance can be tracked while the program is still being executed.  Using the same medical claims data as traditional retrospective measurement we are able “look-in” on, and measure new patient starts, continuations, ROI, etc. Rigorous case-control matching is used to perform test – control measurement. Depending on the length of the program, multiple “look-in” measurements may be performed. By integrating the analyses and results into a Tableau dashboard stakeholders can log in and retrieve presentation ready results as needed. 

So, why wait until your most recent POC effort has been out of the field for 6 months to measure it?  Health Monitor Network’s in-flight campaign measurement allows unprecedented flexibility and insights to maximize your next POC programs success.