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The New “New Normal”. Really.

Written by David Paragamian, Chief Executive Officer

The New “New Normal”. Really. As we get ready to head into the second half of 2021, it is clear that businesses in the US are heading into a new chapter in the covid-era. The “new normal.” Airplanes are now packed with travelers – but we are wearing masks. Consumers are now buying, building, investing with a frenzy – and waiting for delivery backlogs. And patients, well, they ARE back in physician offices getting the treatment they need, and in many cases put off for several months during the peak of the pandemic. It looks like a new normal has been reached.  


For me, the real underlying point in all this is that we are great at adapting. The new normal is just the old normal with certain necessary adaptations. And, what is just as clear is that there will be another “new normal” as we matriculate to the next phase after this.  


Here at Health Monitor, we have adapted with speed. Our business, which was always built on a foundation of our digital products in physician exam rooms, became MORE DIGITAL. All our patient education content is now available digitally and, of course, in print as well. All of our physician education content built on KOL programming is available digitally as well as in print periodicals.  


This embrace of digital to enable faster, fluid communication is here to stay. And there is more to come. As a pioneer in our category – the delivery of credible educational content right at the point of care – we continue to lead with  new technologies and new delivery methods to ensure we help provide the right information at the right moment of care to patients as they navigate their care. When the next “new normal” arrives, we will be there too.