The Power of Trusted Content in Healthcare Communications 

June 14, 2022

To Health Monitor, trust is not merely the buzzword of the moment—it is the guiding force of the brand! Since its inception, Health Monitor has offered patients proactive strategies for optimizing their health. Engaging with our products emboldens patients to strike a true partnership with their healthcare providers, to adopt the lifestyle changes that make a difference, to adhere to their treatment plans—in short, to take the actions proven to lead to better outcomes.

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The New “New Normal”. Really.  

June 8, 2021 

It is clear that businesses in the US are heading into a new chapter in the covid-era. The “new normal.” Consumers are now buying, building, investing with a frenzy – and waiting for delivery backlogs. And patients, well, they ARE back in physician offices getting the treatment they need, and in many cases put off for several months during the peak of the pandemic. It looks like a new normal has been reached.

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Point of Care Changed in 2020…Will there be a New Normal? 

July 14, 2021 

Of the many aspects of pre-COVID life that changed during the pandemic, one to which health care professionals and brand marketers continue to pay close attention is Point of Care. As patient visits to physician offices dropped by around 60% in the early weeks of COVID, several things occurred simultaneously. 

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